Tuesday, January 22, 2008

;// What feeling is Happy+ Sad?

aaaa.. i got choosen to be a SRM junior! well, not really choosen yet.
we had to pass another test? i guess you can call it a test.
so yea. im happy and sad at the same time. ToT why? you ask?

cause my BAEK family is not there!!

i have Ryu.Tia.GwenDork. Fion though! <33
* i miss them already!! -__- ''
So yea! im SUPER sad about this! huhuh. they replaced me with an onion!
it has a smiley face on it. hahahah!
i was for biology experiment actually. but it was canceled. AGAIN.
so yea. another onion wasted. lol.

+more sadness!!
Daddy is in hospital now. T__T well, he has stone? i think its call like that.. i don't know the original name.
i hoper his alright.... -__-'' why didn't i went?? cause i have the duty to watch my house.
;(( Daddy! be safe! iloveyou!

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