Sunday, May 17, 2015

moved to a new blog

hello, i've finally decided to blog again after sooo soo long of a hiatus.
though i'd still keep this little blog here as memories, feel free to visit my new blog for latest posts.


see you there! (:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

home is where the heart is.

it's been 5months since i've left home to university. it's kinda sad when you're jet laggs away from home. which literally means, no going home unless it's a long holiday semester break. like now. i'm back home! being a lazy bum and mannnn it feels good to be home. being away in perlis gave some exposures, and a little dose of the outside world. well, not really much entertainment in perlis. but then again, i get to travel to penang and kl often and meet people from the other side of malaysia. hee.

so i haven't been doing my blog justice, or updating it properly for my snuffies. cause there really isn't much to update on about my life in university. except for sadcase crushes. pfft.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

somewhat revival post

lol. never thought it would be that hard to get a smooth running internet line in hostel.

so university life have been good, not at all bad actually. but when people say its more carefree and relax, that. my friends, ain't that true. well, little parts of it is. maybe it's just me being all paranoid with failing my subjects. or the word for it is, 'kiasu' in hokkien. learnt it from my penang friends. i just finished my midterms! hurraaah. fingers crossed for accounting.

i've gotten myself an instagram account. so yea, makes it easier to update people back at home.

Monday, November 12, 2012


yes, great news from perlis! i found ze great internet port in my room! and we're sharing epic internet line. though sadly, youtube and most video streaming websites are blocked. but it's okay, its actually a very good way to get us focusing on our studies. i mean, facebook is getting boring in a sense where there's nothing to see anymore. so i'd stick more time to my books!

truthfully, i am enjoying my time here in university. it may not be all around freedom and stuffs. but i am doing fine here, apparently adapting quite well. got new friends and fitting in just fine.
COURSE STUDIES ARE WAYY INTERESTING. apart from accounting that is.

as for picture posts. hmm. i'll have to work things out.

Monday, September 3, 2012

boarding to university

hey, chilling in kuala lumpur now, in university perlis now.
more anxious than ever. this is crazy, i'm scared. orz
can't believe time flies by so fast. i just officially wasted my 9months holiday and now heading for my degree program. i guess everyone should be expecting rants and ugh. non-picture posts until i settle in properly in perlis if i manage to find proper internet line that is. honestly being very heavy hearted here. i'm seriously going to miss the food in kk and my family!

but i'll pop in some updates from the drafts i've prepared. kekeke.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

farewell x party play @ lintas

had a farewell gathering with the formsix since last week cause chuting is leaving us first, and they decided on party play in lintas considering justberry was crazily packed with people. just the usual formsix gang, chatting and being utterly random. with the twins around, it's always ridiculously random. pictures were really grudgy though, due to the lighting and noise, plus someone was meddling with the settings before. AND i was lazy. but i guess it has the instagram feel eh?

didn't really eat though, since i had justberry written all over my head. i had dinner at home, look at the savages. didn't give me a second for picture snapping. pfft. mind you, the one with egg on top was savaged first because it was an ALL MEAT PIZZA. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

university survival 101

that's just 38% of the stuffs packed. there's still alot of formal wear to go. 

packing stuffs to university have been dreadful as i expected it to be. so much procrastination. there's so much to pack but i wouldn't want to over pack. since i'll be so far away from home, there's no doubt i felt like bringing the whole house! from stationary to bathroom necessities to pillows and bed sheets. heck i wonder would there ever be enough space in the luggage. i need a bigger one. orz


Friday, August 24, 2012

the whimsical handmade story @ damai point

finally some quality time with cousin, she has been craving to try out the newly opened cafe in damai. instantly got attracted to the pictures of the place from their facebook page! handmade concept interior and wooden stuffs are my cup of tea. handmade story also gives out this warm zakka feel as you enter the cafe. it's really good to see these kind of cafe growing in kk! more concept designed cafe please. lol

the tables are my favourite part of the place aside from the chalked blackboard wall. i have this thing for wooden stuffs. pfft. for reals, i'd love to have drawing sessions on those lovely handmade tables one day! the foods are affordable too.

so here's a glimpse of the cozy interior.

the tree of comments, the idea was so cute! we had to write a 'leaf' for it. wasn't sure if we're suppose to stick it on ourselves or not though. i'll go back next time to take a shot of my leaf.

their lovely handmade menu! so adorable.
i have yet to try out their foods though! looking forward to try out their cold noodles! 

had a cube of green tea cheesecake while jie ordered their carbonara spaghetti, wanted to try out other yummys on menu though. but dad's roti canai from brunch was still digesting.
will be back soon for cold noodles. lol