Tuesday, February 5, 2008

;// maaa. you have a COOL HOUSE!

aaa. yesh. today is quite an exciting day. HAHA.
why? cause i was ALMOST late for school today! ;3 woke up at 6:35am.
o___o and i went " OMO! im late! "
then brush teeth.changed. and walked super FAST. yes! WALK!
HAHA. cause my school is only a few step away frm my house! nice isn't it?

haha. then yea. school. i WAS NOT LATE! by 1 mins. HAHAHA. living near the school is way COOL! ;DD so we started with physic. [ Hooray! ily Mr.Saw. ] he didn't came in! ;D so means no HOMEWORKS! lol. then comes. english. ;D follow by. MORAL. which i didn't pay attention AT ALL. sorry* after recess..

almost half of the class left for Marching. including Tia.Ryu.& SaBaek! ;D
so yea. bio was after reccess. and to think half of the class is gone.
she still teach. HAHA. and sarah and me are lucky humans. ;33


just for Tia's FanFic. <3

i went to Tia mommy & Ryu Daddy[?]'s house! HAHAHA.
and itsss... OMONA! super Niiiiceeeee!!! its like a big hotel. HAHA.
we slacked. and teach Grazele PS. and.. she's AMAZINGLY good with the pen tool. -_-''
then me and Grazele found some cute HATS with long.long feathers on it!
and we played indian. LOL. it was reallly really funny!
i'll try to ask Tia for the pictures! LOL. xDDD

ohh!! and we had a burning ceremony! ;D for the ... ermm... *PAPER! ;D
no. im serious. it really is paper. x33

THEN! i reached home.
when out for KFC with family! ;D
and guess what! my daddy forgot his wallet all the way. ;3
My mom is paying! HAHAHA. sily daddy.
so yea. we went to the CNy market like every year. and to me..
it's super crowded. and i dun like it. LOL. ;D

OHHH! and my cousin. which is also my neighbour had BBQ with his friends.
i can smell the BBQ from here. LOL.
i shall go watch the making of CJ7 now!

over and out://

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