Saturday, May 17, 2008

:// back to Narnia.YO!

uhahahaha! King Peter is super smex! :D teeheee!
he better have atleast 5mins of screen time for the next movie or im not watching. LOL. :X haha. and ASLAN is very very cuteeeee! hahaa. :)

okayy.. i its hard to find nicee pictures. :)
but i found a really nice one of Aslan. nyahahaha!

for aslan! :D the awesome cool furry tiger lion. :X
wahhhaaahaaaahhaaa! i want to go narnia. touch the little mouse with the sword. and Aslan.
and all the cute animals there! the eagle thingy is COOL too. :D i want a ride!
tigerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :)


end of spazzing. back to blogging. :X
i am blogging! lol. so anyways. its obvious i just watch the movie hor?
jie! if u planning to watch it. bring me okayy? i wont mind watching it again! HAHA. :)
i have a great time. nini was shaking in the cinema. lol. :) good thing my arm come in handy. LOL

after the that. we went popular. eaton. and go home. lol.
wasn't in the mood to go window shopping anyways. so home it is! :)
THANKS YOUS UNCLE for sending me here and there alll the time. :X

and at home. :)
i finally played back maple. LOL heyy. its the 3rd maple anniversary.
which means free stuffs to hunt. LOL. :) yea! i miss the game. and the buddies there. lol
and guess what! after like 385927503589583 billion years.. i FINALLY level up. to. lvl72. LOL
im very noob by the way. looks does not matter. everyone knows that. because im super noob in games. u can ask yanie for that. LOL.

*mapling almost half of the day. :) and now.. blogging. LOL.

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