Tuesday, May 27, 2008

;// Little Dude! :D

omg! nyahaha! ManChai just brightens up everyone's day!
i wish i was there to SQUEEZE him now! lol. :D why is he born SOO cuteee!!
i want to fly to US now and HUG him! nyahaha. :) little kids are sooo cute! :D
i miss LamLam already.. :X

so yea. i learn alot in Illustrious today. :)
but i still got nothing for the sjfh banner. i need my ART-ness back!
and alot of ideas. *bangs head..

btw. YIPEE CUP sounds so funny larh! :) KK de YOYO still pwns! :P
you faster come KK so we can feed you many many food! untill u get fatter! HAHA.
jie! :) ready your list of foods! :D

im so bored at home!! can Gwen quit her survival in the DESERT island and come back make activities for us?? I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!

i want to go watch NARNIA again! rawr! again! again! :D

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