Friday, November 7, 2008

;// happy birthday again?

yesh! i didnt update my blog for so long le. :X
my bad. lazy bahh! and there's nothing much happening
right after school ends.
so let's rewind and nobody will know. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIANG MOIthis owl finally grow older liao. :) nyahaha.
i still remember the day i met him in maple. ._. kerning subway.
always sleep in the daytime. 1 year older liao. may you stay happy and healthy always!

and also on the same day. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOA! :Dlols. the transformer crazy. and oh-so random girl! :)
hahaha. if im not mistaken its your bro and dad's brithday too. .__.
slap me if im wrong. :X may your wishes come true and stay random always!

this month alot of people is celebrating their birthdays! lols
._. and yea. i know im a lazy and hopeless kid. lols. XD

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