Tuesday, July 22, 2008

;// test report. ohh owh.

yups! this is a 5 mins test report! haha.
i know.. i know.. i should be chewing on chemistry and biology now.
but i dont feel like it. o__o *that is so wrong. LOL

so i smuggle the lappy a decided to write this 5 min report.
i think it's a 10mins. so anyways!

we have History, English, Moral and Addmaths today.
suprisingly. it went well! *is that how you spell suprisingly? HAHHA.
i deleted 20% of my english in the brain. :X yea. yea. i'm writing english now. how could i?
:) i actually manage to DO ADD MATHS! yups.
but it's not the end yet....

there's still chemistry and biology and maths and physic waiting to kill me.
-_-'' well, 10mins over now. i think. i'll take a nap. :DD

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