Friday, August 8, 2008

;// 080808. the awesome number.

olympic yo! :D

im here to edit. :) but im sure i'll edit again. LOL
:X people find me weird editing my posts. -__-'' i just want the date! LOLOL.
but i remember everything clearly lorh.. hahah..

im gonna steal opening pictures from jiee again!
*runs off to jiee's blog! nyek nyek!

okay larh.. later 1st. now limited time. lol.
olympics are always awesome.. it comes once in a 4 years. :)
and this year is beijing yo! omg! beijing is a beautiful place when it comes to the scenery.
but i think other parts of china is too! :) i like the mountains and temples. lol
so anyways.....

opening ceremony for summer olympics 2008. xDD
the performances are amazing! i love the 2008 drummers idea. really unique.
and the way they make the lights! prettyyyyy mannnn!! :3
i hope they repeat it again! AHAHA.

ohh! the people wearing the lights are cute too! ^___^ teeeheee!
and so are the block people. :) they must have put alot of effort to make this perfect and niceee..
im really amazed! :) and proud. lol. eventhough im not from China. but its asia. LOL. :)

i lovee 2008. HHAHA.
and the beijing olympics are my favourite olympics so far! lol.
don't really think it makes sense. but i lovee the performances very much! nyahahah.
yesh. yesh. next olympics going to be in london? im looking forward for it too! lol.

now.. to steal jiee's pictures! muahahaha! *evil grins

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