Monday, November 10, 2008

;// enjoying mother nature.

ahhhh.. in kundasang. enjoying mother nature.
its cooling and fresh like always. other than the smokers that is.
yea. there's alot of changes in the hotel ever since we last came. :B
it looks more classy. ehehe! and more stuffs to walk around for.

so we start our journey at 8am. living kelvin behind. :X
since he have school. what to do. cannot come.
yea.. me and yan brought our plushies along.
:) my big head pooh! and yannie's giant dog. lols.
so embarassing to bring the dog down.
ahaha. we got the same room like last time again.
ahaha. same everything. :X room 410.

nothing much lorh. just enjoy the view and
the cooling temperature there.
more like getting use to the cold weather before i go japan. :B

and i just realized. im going to miss the class gathering tomorrow.
oh well, bye!

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