Monday, December 29, 2008

;// look who's back?

its been a whole month now.

:) japan was awesome! seriously i dont know what to blog about.
just want to say a million gazillion thank you to my host families! T_T
i would really wish to go to Japan again to visit them!

on the first day, i was nervous like crazy.
since mine need to go thru more transportation till i reach Tanegashima.
so far, journey from malaysia i enjoy spending my time with my new friends. :) the YE who are going to japan with me. we even went mickey mouse hunting in the singapore airport.
to get the Tokyo disneyland feel mahh. since non of us are going to tokyo. lols

the road to Japan. :B
Sze Hao & Da Jie. :)

so anyways, i love Tanegashima.
im very lucky to have the chance to be there too! seriously even japanese people rarely go there. it's consider a rural area. but i love it there because of the people! was very touch to see all the Leo club members at the port holding up A4 papers that spelled out welcome geraldine. awww!

there i met my NAKAZONO family!
i missed them already. hurhur..
i spent the 2 weeks living with them and obviously got attached.
really dont want to leave. i really enjoyed staying with them. i went to the kindagartens, mama-san's primary school, KiGen's junior highschool, and Kawaii's Highschool. ahhhh... really missed them lehh. gaming experience, nintendo Wii rocks! :DDD

the awesome leo club! that made the warmest welcome ever!

Kindagarten! :) i miss Rinako-chan. ahahaha! they are all so cute!

class 2-5, Tanegashima Highschool. awesome boys! :D

Junior highschool, class 3-1. i miss Ma-kun. :X

space centre with the Leo club members. :3

these are super delicious! :DDD

during my japan trip, i really gain alot of new experience.
and also gain weight! 2kg! .__. i sense a diet in my resolutions. lols

on the 13th dec, i left Tanegashima and headed to Hiroshima.
very sad to leave my Nakazono family. i cried in the plane. how can i not be touched again. they were all waving at the nearby hill, when i was in the plane. i could see them outside. T___T


In Hiroshima,
i enjoyed my trip also larh. but in hiroshima, there is no young people anywhere. except for Hanako-chan. the others are all uncles and grandpas. i explored the entire Hiroshima. and experience snow. really enjoyed it alot. it's just a bit lonely.

ATE ALOT OF BEEF TOO! again i gain weight! lols.

i went to Kyoto with my 2nd host family,
and got the chance to be maiko-san.
it was a wonderful experience! and tiring too!
really a million thank you is just not enough to say.

Then the last day came, oh sheesh. another sad moment.
i hate goodbyes! T_T
2 weeks with them again. of cos got attached but i didnt cry this time.

the Miyajima entrance.

my snow experience. lols

this is richiiiieeeee! :DD isnt he the cutest?

spend a night with the other 4 YEs in Kansai Airport Spa Hotel.

i met up with Yuuka! i saw Yuuka! i was so happy to see her again!
She came and we had dinner together with Sze Hao, since he was her host during her trip to sabah. seriously that boy is pure funny! lol. Yuuka's parents are nice and friendly.
^__^ we ate okonomiyaki. it was delicious!
i prefer Osaka's okonomiyaki than Hiroshima's. :X

we then headed back to the hotel, because it's time for Yuuka and her parents to go home. or they will miss the train.

after that, we took a walk with Sato-san.
actually looking for Da jie and the others. -_-ll
cause no key go back room. lols.

the next day, everyone flew back to singapore. then home.
darn. like i predicted. the pictures turned low quality! eeeeeee!

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