Saturday, September 12, 2009

there's just not enough neurons to do this.

excels are so stressful!
i'm no genius and plus i'm stupid.
what made it more worse is that it was so hard..
that i wished i could have slept through it. i wonder how would i react if SPM is going to be this hard? i might burst? i think so.

plus i'm feeling stupid-er each day.
getting ready for SPM is not fun at all. the only few entertaiment i could get is a 1 hour drama daily, and staring blankly at my brother's maple story game. if i get too bored i play for him. what joy it is. and these doesn't even end with a study!

and yet all the time wasted on...

"why why love"
- Rainie Yang, Mike He, Kingone Wang
one of the taiwan dramas i'm planning to catch up on after my SPM.
if you watch the NG's, they are hilarious!

the theme song. :)

NGs. lol

more NGs

credits to the people who uploads these. :)

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