Wednesday, April 21, 2010

go the distance.

^that's an awesome song. btw.

so, i sounds so lifeless. nyeh. i am.
this is what people get when they miss school badly and needs a proper life apart from..

yes, i know a pig have better things to do than i do. HAHHAHAA.

well, i'm sick and tired of waiting.. matriks results was out. no. i'm not chosen. and i'm going for form6, if no one wants me! so whateves. all i'm waiting for now is UPM. let's just hope the dream of being a veterinary science student will become a reality in the future.

so, i'm trying something new to get the no-life-kid out of me.
im self-learning korean and chinese now! yes, they are super hard. and i strongly suggest the google translator instead. lol. just kidding, i'm still trying to revise my japanese, i'll learn those too soon.

but i'm not kidding when i said its hard. (.__.)/

well, better than any emo post right?
who's up for starcraft 2?
the graphics is sooo epic that it makes me itching to look for the game!
and.. i feel like dota-ing. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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