Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iloveyou baby.

the wonderful dream of mine has came true!
i've bought a tablet for myself! thank you pc fair for coming. lol
it's not wacom though, but i'm still going to love it dearly..
and there's these style-mix headphones!

btw, like the new skin? thank you fika for helping me set it up.
now, imma use this skin till idontknowwhen. i'm too lazy to change.
and well, my sister got her pc. now i have less space. pffftt!

^ utterly useless post. but yes.
i'm not kidding when i said im turning this in to an art dump! hahahaha.


  1. hey2 tats good~! hope we can do an art trade loh :D [mine was not wacom too but as long i hav tablet loh kan?]

  2. Oh my goshhh, I love the new skin!! <33