Sunday, June 10, 2012


yes, im fangirl now. their new mini album concept is lovely, i'm liking the summer beach photos! oh the power of photography and marketing. hahaha it's been awhile since i went on the hallyu craze. i think it started when i entered form six, and took the freaking 3rd hardest exam in the world, STPM. well, that's what all my senior used to put it. and its around the time xander and kibum left ukiss. but without a doubt hoon and AJ is getting my love as well, have i mentioned hoon is super adorable? i still support ukiss, and kpop, just lagging at it. Neverland got me all hype up again though. u-kiss is in kl on a showcase, and since i couldn't be there, sadfactijustknewaboutittoday   made a blogpost instead.

did a mosaic with all my favourite pictures from the shoot and practice on my graphic skills.
here's believe mv, that is on replay for the 7th time now. (:

i'm thinking of getting myself a copy of the "special to kiss me" mini album.
original photo credits to monster's world & excusively ukiss. found them on google. 


  1. I want Kevin's mint green knit.

  2. hahaha. i said the exact thing the moment i saw these pictures. but i wanted kiseops & eli's stripes shirt more!

  3. All the stripe shirts are awesome :3 They made me missed Alexander