Thursday, November 15, 2012

somewhat revival post

lol. never thought it would be that hard to get a smooth running internet line in hostel.

so university life have been good, not at all bad actually. but when people say its more carefree and relax, that. my friends, ain't that true. well, little parts of it is. maybe it's just me being all paranoid with failing my subjects. or the word for it is, 'kiasu' in hokkien. learnt it from my penang friends. i just finished my midterms! hurraaah. fingers crossed for accounting.

i've gotten myself an instagram account. so yea, makes it easier to update people back at home.


  1. are you doing degree now? if so, there is no such thing as carefree or relax :p i even have class on Saturday :((
    best of luck in your studies :D

    1. yeap, taking up international business.
      well, running crazy with assignments. but overall here and there are quite interesting.