Tuesday, January 29, 2008

:// ♥ Onion Madness!

BUHAHAHAHAHA! i guess the title says it all. :)
its true! i went crazy with the big onion at school today. ;P
it was for our plant cell experiment. HAHAHA.

and after the experiment.

i keep smelling the onion. until i cry. LOL. though i cried because i was LAUGHING!
while i was smelling it. it does work. ;O but only once. after i calm myself cannot work anymore. hahahahahah!! GwenDork said " you know! the onion is almost like a LAUGHING GAS. from the looks of it. " * i couldn't stop laughing. =X

laughing gas reminds me of EHB! HAHAHA. then i went to Cat and Corn's seat. attempting to prank them. lol. Corn really thought i cried. HAHAHAHA. silly.
then i took out the onion. they all laugh. ;O nice! ONION MADNESS! hohohohoho!! then after that teacher came in. so i had to whip off the tears. and the tears never came back! ahaha. Wei Wei oso went crazy. -_- she chop the onion like she's cooking. *rubbing onion on ur face is a BAD idea. weird. nowadays. tired+sleepy always comes. -_-''

im SORRY. i slept in class! but there was NO! teacher. ohhh! and im so glad COR and CAT love the present we made. ;DD they cried? WITHOUT the onions!!

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