Tuesday, January 29, 2008

:// OMONA!

-_- OMO! guess what! i forgot to post yesterday. zzz..
mayb too happy cause it was my lovely friends birthday? ;D YESH!

it was COR and CAT's BIRTHDAY. <333
Happy Birthday Twiins. ;33
yea. i know. some friend i am. -_-'' forgot to post? HAHA
i made 16 icons for them. <3lol.
its their sweet 16. though i dunno whats so sweet about it.

:X SRM food and drinks SOLD out? ;33 yea they did! HAHAHAHA.Vanilla Oasis SOLD good! and im HAPPY about it? <33and the fruits sold okae? ;X lol.

and everything went like normal. HAHAHA.

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