Sunday, January 27, 2008

;// Ohh My Trees!

Oh my Trees! ohh yes! another person's birthday. ;O
it must be fate. -_-'' this week so many people birthday.
tomorrow will be my lovely Twiins birthday. ;D anyways.. today's post own by Tiffany!!

and she turns 14 today.
HOHOHO! no more SJ number! lol. ;3 awww..
i miss being 13. HAHAHAHAHA.
*writes Tiffany's letter.

and.. in progress making Ryu & Tia's lovely pressie. ;O
me.bro.sis decorated the stick thingy. ;3 with....
CHERRY BLOSSOM! hahaha! its for chinese new year.
and darn! there's Sports day tomorrow. zzz..
i gotta finish the SRM poster. -_-''
ohh well!

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