Friday, February 29, 2008

;// Brand New Era.

it's the time of the year again where all form 1.2.4 scouts had to attend the annual[?] camp?
with muds and stuffs.. :D sounds fun? YESH!

BUT! .... NOT for this year...
unfortunately.. we are currently having the most slacker-est among all slackers troop leader!
okay! seriously.. i don't really have any intention on joining the camp.
but... i feel bad seeing my friends do most of the work.. and im not there to make things fun?
yea! like the ... betty! ohh yea! we name her betty. ;3 she's even lazy to say the setia? what kind of troop leader is that?! wheres the scout spirit DUDE! -___-''

--- enough about scouts.. i'll see if i plan to go! HAHHAHAA.. there 70% a NO.

ohhh! i went for the Drama team audition today. :D
yan.Sarah.LeeWei.Dada.Grazele. we all go try out. .. HAHA. so funny.. -___-
im bad at auditions.. they make me nervous. :X even if my friend is the .. audition-er? wait. is the person giving question! HAHA. :D i tried my best. so whatever comes out...

i dont know.

and there's a WALK-athon tomorrow. :DD HAHAHA..
aigoo... i forgot i i do today! LOL.

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