Thursday, February 28, 2008

;// the nose-picking skeleton.

as usual.. morning assembly was sleeepppy~ hahaha.
you cant blame me. =X it is 6.30am and you only allowed to stand and cannot talk..
what else could i do? .. yesh! day-dream. LOL. it still considers sleeping.. only eyes open. ;X

we had physic experiment again. :D
Mr.Saw so kesian. :(( we always so noisy.. after do experiment.. everyone start slacking..
he sit there only...

gahhh! today is our last class with teacher Suzie. :((
OK.OK. she's not my most fav teacher.. but shes nice. shes really really nice.
and a good teacher. and now she got a job in i dont know.. ermm... she's teaching TEACHERS if im not mistaken... so she taught us those exam thingyss..
then she started her speech? :(( made me teary... cause i really dont want her to leave...
:(( i like her teaching biology. and - Kangta? *we name our skeleton model behind Kangta. :D gonna miss her..
i cant believe she's been teaching in that school since 1996. o___O thats when my bro was born..
she start saying the goodlucks and her experience at school..

so yea. i got teary.. BUT! i didnt cry! i didnt. :X

then after recess. we took a class photo. so we could give it to teacher for rememberance. :D
the Baek family did the Tell Me- Ohh my~ :D HAHAHAHA.
and -____- 'Kangta' was set to digging nose pose! super funny. shaz took a picture of it! :DD
*SHAZZZZ gimme the picture!! teacher is so gonna kill the class if she saw that picture.. :XX hehe..

and we enjoyed Debra's presentation on The La Papure? HAAHA. the necklace. LOL.
enlish presentation. -___- *i wanna redo mine! LOL.
after englsih.. the teacher had meeting. so of cos.. we slack. HAHAHA.
wei wei and nini was drawing using lefty hand. *trying atleast! HAHA. :DD

- at home.. i slept!
and! guess what! i have the funniest thing ever!!
so i took an evening nap. HAHA. and my mom was like shouting for us to go down for dinner.
i woke up. and saw the clock was pointing at 6. -___- i thought i was going to school again!
HAHA. then i notice the sky. -___- 6am wont be so bright. so funny.
my sis ask me what's wrong since i jumped of my bed * like a silly person..
* i told her. and we went rolling over on bed. laughing! HAHAH. :D

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