Saturday, February 9, 2008

;// Happy birthday HanKyung. <3

im saving this spot! lol.
sorry Hannie! ;D i know its late. but.. hahah! doesn't matter. lol


yesh! iloveyou. lol. chung guo ren hao li hai. [?] LOL. nvm. HAHAHA


May you stay Leng chai. ohh! haha. ;D
stay SWEEEEEEEET like cotton candy! ;O mayb SUGAR!
and stay healthy and do not overwork. -__-'' *looks at Teukie.
and err.. i dont really know what to say. ;X

have a blast and you know... NOISY burtsday with the kids. BOYS.;D
and don't lock your door today! ;D mayb get suprise. LOL

well. i know it looks abit retarded. err.. nvm.

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