Thursday, February 7, 2008

;// Happy Chinese New Year! ;D

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! gong hei fatt choi
*look! i see Siwon's name! HAHAHA. okay. -_-'' nvm about that.
its CNY! and i went to my cousin's house? HAHA. everyone look so red.
HAHA its red everywhere. my mommy's side. ;D everyone look so different already..

LITTLE monster grew so big. though they still round around like.. ugagakiga [ ultra man. 3 ] yea. ANG PAU! lol. hahaha. there's more next year! muahaha! cause one of my cousin is gonna have wedding soon! ;33 weee~

so yea. while my daddy and mommy chat around with my aunts and uncles. me. yan. and king? HAHAH. sat on the sofa and watch ppl dance tango on TV. HAHAHA.
its boring yet funny at the same time. lol. so yea. 30mins already bored me to death. -_-''

HAHA. overall it was okay!


we ate pizza today. LOL.
and DongBang 'O' Malaysia concert is on TV!!
im not missing this!!

*press control. <33 bye!

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