Monday, February 18, 2008

;// lookies!

ohh look! im feeeling very much better today. :D
maybe listening to my fav songs the whole night while im half dead cures! HAHA.

so yea... im being lazy. :X i'll update again.
later. UHAHAHA


:D yesh! im back!
so yea. i went to school as usual! cause i couldn't let my presentation people down!
im one of the people who was talking? o__o though i didnt read the poem b4. HAHA!!
so yea. and the presentation was boring. :X but nini did an awesome job on the slide show!
*NINI! i still love the texture!!!! HAHAHA.

ohhh! guess what! LeeWei cant come to school today.. cause her grandpa.. well.. left[?]
and me.sarah.nini noticed... with no LeeWei around.. we talk alot! and didnt pay attention at all!!!
its add maths! who will? HAHAH. but i feel sorry for the teacher though. :X im a bad student.
so yea. like i said. we talked like theres no teacher infront. :X awwww...

and! we planned to finish our history homework during Maths! cause Pn.Pang rarely comes in anyway.
and guess what!!? we were going cray complaining about stuffs like...

  • GIF for rankings are ugly. :D blinkies rocks more.
  • emoticons! make it simple.
  • lacking of active member.
  • updates are slow.
  • sections are not neat.
  • simple layouts wont hurt.
okay! i know the above are like complains. about.. Mian! :( My-SMTOWN. lol.
so.. yea.. its just our point of view. and! back to my blogging..
and obviously. we went crazy from online forums to reality! UHAHAHA.
and.. lastly the bell rang. and we didnt even know it was recess! :D

*ended up. History homework got delayed! HAHHAHAA.
ohh! and sarah brought a cheese tart today! which tasted SUPER SUPERSHOW YUMMYYY!!!
:D and nini bought a cake. we sang happy birthday to ChangMin. :DD HAHAHA.

happy birthday Minnie! ;D

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