Saturday, February 23, 2008


hoorays! after a few days of stressing because of the school monthly newsletter!
it's finally done. and the soft copy is sent to the seniors. lol. now everyone can get ENOUGH sleep!! :DD

hahaha! so yea. im finally kinda free? HAHA. yea.
i finished wrap my books. with help from my mom! haha. and.. there's no chance MJ is gonna shoot me!
cause i wrapped my books! lol.
the bed arrangement for my mom's room changed today. and its tiring to move the bed and tv..

and i have a meeting at 9.30pm later. lol.
:D and so is mommy! lol. webcaming with kenken jiejie! :D

and SUPER SHOW is on! :((
i wanna go!!

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