Tuesday, February 12, 2008

;// winter came early?

its a cold.cold day today. :D and. its good for hibernating!
UHAHAHA. it's true. :O polar bears hibernate during winter. {since its SUPER junior COLD here. its winter! }

so yea. as usual. Wei make me laughing like crazy...again!
and i switch sweater[?] with mommy tia. :3
ohhh!! and Wei trying to act as a granny with my sweater. BUAHAHAHA
OLD GRANNY WEI! :DD so yea. she also kick herself out from marching? :3 and the 1234 is reunited. HAHAHA.

:D i love school! lol.

Unstoppable Wedding! Ibaek got a twin! BUHAHAHA. everything same.
-__- super funny. the oice funny like siao! HAHAHAHA.
*pokes yan! "Gibaek like Miho. Gibaek like Miho! lalala~ "

ohhh! and having Laksa in a cold weather ROCKS! :33 yummy too!
and im very very very HAPPY cause mommy Tia got the branch admin thiingy. x3
Grats! ohohohoho! :3 and Ryeowookie is back on 1st huh?

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