Friday, February 15, 2008

;// Stresssss. stresss! Deadline. :O

aigoooo... i have to draw a 1 page comic. dang..
why issit so hard?! hmmm... Give me more..[?] what? :D MIN!
gimme more Min! HAHAHA.

im totally off topic. so yea. :3
i have to revive my brain. brb ediit.

yup! its definately gimme more Min!
uahaha! i sound silly don't i? ;D but i just gt the awesome idea! :D
and Min is in it too! lol. hmmm.. -__- limited space in an A4 paper kills everything!

the burn piggy arrived! :O ohh! hahaha!
and... my cousin is getting married tomolo. haha!
finally. loliesss-pop! :D

:// RB. uhahaha! a girl can dream cant i? =X
:// Ryu. Yesh! its still in progress of guessing. but i have a feeling its Hae??? is it?

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