Tuesday, February 26, 2008

;// We are DongBangtatoe! *potatoes!

potato! potato! we poke alot of holes! lol. :D


ahhh.. this morning we had a potato experiment during biology class. hahaha!
i'll be back. -__- bath time. lol

okies! HAHAHA. back to the story. :D
yea... like usually.. the morning assembly. and physic class came!
and teacher reminded us that our ticker tape report thingy was due... ohh.. TOMORROW!
hahaha! so yea.. im working on it. =X

after physic. i got my tooth fixed! HAHAHA. do not think!
my repair thingy last time fell off. and i accidently swallowed it... and now the nice denstist is repairing the repair. ;D im a good girl who brush teeth everyday! :DD - i missed english during my tooth thingy -

so lets skip Moral! cause its boring....

ohhh! its BIOLOGY!! one of my favourite subject! lol. *reminds me of EHB. HAHA
*holds up 5 potatoe. :D
"annyoung haseyo.. DongBangTaToe imnida! " BUAHAHAHAH! the potatoes are super cute!!!!!!!~
and i found ShinDongtatoe at Gwen's table! ahahaha! :DD

"Nat. i'll take these for awhile kae?"
"thats my lunch! watever you are doing with it.. return it. "
"okies... " * 13! OK!
"annyoung haseyo. We are Super Juni-OR! :D "*holds up 13 potatoes. UAHAAHAHA

"wan suddenly turn so hyper" *nini poking holes in maxtatoe! :X

we had loads of fun doing the experiment. ;DD teeeheee!
but.. teacher ruined the moment when she said this week is her last week teaching us!
NOOOOO! if she's gone.. then who become the new discipline teacher? and WHO's gonna teach BIO?! omG!
she got transfered to somewhere... outthere... which i dunno where!
*laughs at the above sentences. -___- too much sonnet! look! all the where. there rhymes!!!

yea.. and like usually.. the history teacher never failed to reach our class in time to teach! haha
and so is Chemistry teacher. =X gooshh!
LeeWei and Grazele was making toilet flushing sounds beside me. LOL. its really funny! AHHAHA
and does zebra really make *bloop bloop sounds? :P


  1. dongbangtatoe!!
    and we even had shindong n sungmin.
    but gwen took it away (T_T)

  2. haha. i donno if zebra makes those kind of sounds.
    i nvr hear zebra's sound. XD
    its teacher suzy's last week.
    if she goes away, oh man, im gonna flunk my bio too.
    why we get the not so good teacher??

  3. retarded. wan sasat.


    i have honestly never seen you so HYPER in my whole entire life. because of POTATOES.