Monday, February 25, 2008

;// Loving Memories with Joey.


uhuhuhhuh.. Joey is gone now. i already missed the old fella. T__T
its already been 7 years since he 1st came to Harrington? yaya.its 7 years ago..
i can still remember the days.. where and boi runs around crying because Joey's large paws and jumps are uber scary.

and we would just run around in circles! HAHA. i was 9? yea.. i think so..
and his big fluffy brown fur.. arhhh... no more big giant doggie. =((
its so sad.. i think he was too old? like i heard a year is.. i dunno? 7 years for a dog? issit?...

my uncle dug up a hole. ..
actually a square one?and we had a doggie funeral. =(( its really sad. i miss joey!
Joey, rest now. and maybe you can find Jackie to play with in heaven!
;(it was just yesterday i saw him slacking in my neighbour's kitchen. ;((

i miss you.
*yan your bloggie is almost done. lol. banner only? :Dsorry. is kinda just grey. -_-'' i dunno how to change the back background.

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