Sunday, February 10, 2008

;// yesh. BigBang is back!

okies. the song is playing now. so yea. ;D
bigbang! LOL. *ignore the title. HAHA. i'm having fishy tonight! LOL
fishy porridge. ;D YAN! im eating Hae tonight! lol.

and i saw a mousey! o__o its small and cute. *though scary in a way. LOL.
Sai - the warrior - { my bro calls him that! cause he attacks anything. and torture them! LOL }
played hide a seek! with the mouse. lol. the difference is. the mousey is SUPER horrified.
while Sai is having the joy-esssss time of his day! HAHA. since the weather is cold today.
so relaxing bath for him. :P doggies need the bath badly. D; cause he stinks.

yea! and.. and... err.. [?]
ohh yea! i when to my cousin's cousin's house last night!
*normally. its impossible to know cousin's COUSIN. but yea.. i don't have a clue either. AHAH
they had lion dance. :O the furry tail is cute! lol. ;D
and i have a blast laughing till my tummy go pain. cause my bro keep making jokes...
well. he has no intesion on making us laugh. but i just came. cause he is always clown no.2!

and Hooray for no school tomorrow! but there's tons of BIOLOGY homeworks!
darn. -_-'' and... i'm off to livejournal. { tio force to sign up by Yan. HAHA. }
and after that! im chiong-ing my MAPLE! my sin really needs to reach 50 soon if im ever planning to wear that PC. -_-

*over and out. :D

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