Sunday, March 2, 2008

;// Dumplings are love. :D

okay... i know! i wanna finish this post.
but i need to STUDY!! T___T so i think.. i'll just save this spot. ;(

TEST. TEST! STUDY! fighting!


finally back to ediit. and guess what! ;D i forgot most of the day. HAHA.
but the title brings back the memory! good leh..
yaya. we made tang yuen? is that how people call it? :D i think its something like that bah.
:D me and yan couldn't stop eating! HAHA. since we made them. we can eat all we want!

so yea.. if im not mistaken. -__- i have a test the next day..
so of cos. like any other human would do. study until i go weee!!~ crazy.

:D p/s : i finally understood a bit of additional maths. but nothing i understood came out. how WONDERFUL is that!

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  1. ahahaha. you didnt suck at the auditions wan. i LOVED yours :]