Tuesday, March 4, 2008

;// wooo! an EGG for additional maths.

:D im getting an egg for my additional maths! HAHA
yesh! an egg! 0% weee..

*wonders why am i so happy about it?...
HAHA. i oso dunno. LOL. i manage to on the lappy awhile. but im off again.
brb ediit.! :D


HAHA. yesh. mommy is gonna boil me eggs. -__- and also scold me for getting my 1st 0%.
im sorry teacher.. but... i DO NOT understand anything you teach. T____T i wish i understand..
but i don't! and i have no idea why.. mayb the failing thingy is back.. ohh well.. things may change just yet. ;3 maybe i'll turn genius someday! HAHA SOMEDAY!

i failed all my maths test during form 2 and 1 and half semester for 3.
but passed during exams which is twice a year.. o___o!?

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