Monday, March 10, 2008

;// elections late much. :D

HAHA. okies. i forgot to blog yesterday cause i was super tired from shopping!
aha! chyna is gonna be amaze! :D i still love the bunny plushie in JUST FOR YOU at center point!
:33 haha! cause i resembles Min! UHAHAHA. no larh. seriously not biased. its really cute! :DD
and LeeWei went to her small reunion. :D which me.Sarah. and Fiona act like silly people! HAHA.


so going back yesterday. yesterday. election day.
where all my uncles and aunties and ah Tat gor gor was scream WOO HOOO`ss.
while.. us little humans who have no idea what was going on.. went huh?

" WOOOHOOO? lets just join in! whatever they are woohhooo-ing.? " said yanie.
HAHA. yea. the BN. DAP thingy. i still dont understand any of it. but.... im sure i'll finally know sooner? when i reach 20? HAHA. yeah!


i wanna thank HyeJung for the lovely blinkies. :DD you so pwn! :DD
cause i love it very very much! :DDD

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