Saturday, March 8, 2008

;// Im BORED.

aigoooo... im bored. i finally got all the computer time i wanted..
but im bored!!! rawr. *chews on mommy's laptop.

well, it wont be this bored if there's maple in the laptop.
or atleast Photoshop! :(( dangggg.. i have nothing to do now. so sad...
BORED! BORED! i wanna do graphics! :(

and play maple. if there's people online-ing there. :(
i should go down and see whats mommy cooking. haha. :D
*looks behind.. Yanie so deicated to chiong her maple. while slack so many. :X

ohhh well... i shud start drawing. :D
RYU!! teach me CSS!!! :DDD

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