Thursday, March 6, 2008

;// pissed. hmph

OKAY! yes! im totally pissed off today. :(
its already sad enough that my fav biology teacher is leaving the school.
and the scouts meeting just have to ruin my day MORE! aish..

DO NOT pissed me more when im not in a good mood. -__- it last very long.
* i wanna say SORRY to Grazele. :( sorry for complaining so much.


im not gonna start foul languages! HAHA. cause i'm almost cooled down.
:D thank you to sj*fh. :33 i actually was laughing at the screen. ;D

so yea. -__- every year.. the scouts is having their camp again..
it not that i dont wanna go to the camp.. besides! its like only a few mins away anyway..
is just that WE've been seperated groups! aigooo... of cos nothing will be fun like that! nobody i know is in my group mannn! and im group no.1 again that!! aisssssssssshhhhhhhhh!!!
im stuck with all little form 1`s.. but im sorry. im NOT going. :(( sorry..

* i got tell them im NOT going. :D so they can be prepare. -__-
cause i CANT! i got things to do! placce to go! rawr!

those seniors are suckers mannnn! i didnt say my mom let me go oso!
i got plans you dont let arh?! i threw out so many new pants last 2 years just because of that ugly
camp MANNN! i am not gonna throw out my pants again! hmph! letter oso havent give.. already set me in groups!? abuyo!! sometimes.. i wish i was in PP. no need do anything.. just slack.
sooo nice...

sheessshhh! stupiak people! hmph. scouts is definately falling.
omgooodnessss.. please larh. pick service co. oso pick good ones larh! tambah her friends only.
-___- must go the camp wor.. LIKE THEY GOT GO FOR THE LAST TIME ONE WOR!!
never see them during form 1.2 oso larh! didn't go before then shut up! hmph!!!

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