Wednesday, March 5, 2008

;// lalas. going cookies.

ohh! another maths to fail? HAHA. mannn i suck in Maths. -__-
numbers are so hard! i wonder who uses additional maths in life anyway? HAHA
*smacks. ohh yea.. the doctors and chemist humans. :D
*salutes! i forever will never be a OR anything related to MATHS.

im so dumb. :X

HAHA. wei wei left here round water thingy at my house today.
and it GREW!! GREW very big! and bouncy. HAHA.
*like nini said. :X sometimes wonders if im the older sis or my sis. HAHA.
nini! i take that as a compliment. :P
yesh! tomorrow will be the last day of test and school? cause school holiday is coming!
hoooray! :D i get to sleep longer. muahahaha! and slack. lol.
sometimes i admits im weird! HAHA. cause everytime holiday.. i sure wants school.
and vise versa. *pokes. :D good part is i get to see my friends.
okies. thats all for today i guesss..
gonna flip through physics and EST. :X i dun wan to die..

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