Friday, March 14, 2008

;// who told you to eat the eraser?! :D

:D because erasers are yummy! HAHA. kidding. :D

i'll be back. :D

OMGoodnesss. :D LeeWei. one day you will thank me for recording funniest thing in this blog. LOL.
:DDD uhahaha! Lesley is in love with Wei Wei. HAHA. 8 years old + 16 = er... o__o
i laughed until i fell off the chair. :P seriously. Chyna. what were you thinking suggesting her to call Wei Wei?
:X and you just gave her her number! HAHAHA. okayyyyyyyyyy........ i have to stop laughing........

Sarah. your little sister so made this day the funniest one ever!!
i bet Chyna must be having loads of fun. for a birthday girl. :X is that her pressie? LOL.


today is just TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! HAHAH. :D not only the stalker thingy.. :P
so yea. we celebrated Chyna's and nini's birthday today at Sarah's house. :D
okaayyyyyyyy.. me and gwen got lost at 1st. :D but we still pwn there 1st. HAHA. and even woke sarah up. :X

so yea! i finally learned how to make GIF. muaahahahah! i does take up alot of time since im using PS7.
but i finally know how to make!~ :D HAHA. and Sarah's picture folder! omgggooodnesss. *spazzzzzzzz! HAHA.
and WONDERFUL OUTING PWNS! KangTeuk. :D and Min! woooo! :D lols.

and ...

" i have an eraser in my brain.. "
etc.. etc... " YAH! who told you to eat the eraser?!! " BUAHAHHA. :D HAE! lols.
sad scene turn extra funny. :D

ohhh! :D and i manage to lock Cor and Cat. :D well. not actually lock them.. but..
they had to go home early.. :(( I had fun blocking the door. LOL. i really did! i think it was to 3 round of 3 scope icecream. ;P HAHAHHAA. with the 4th round coke? LOL.

so yea. :D its awesome! ;D
i had tones of fun! and for the record. it the most active day for the whole 1-week holiday! HAHA.

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