Sunday, March 16, 2008

;// Sunday. Monday.

awww... time flies so fast when i sleep until 12pm. :D
AHAHAHA! yea.. tomorrow school reopen lor... haiz.. there's this half excited for school..
actually. i did nothing at home. do house chores. clean. dry. iron. usual routine. LOL.
but i didnt study! HAHAA! but............. stilllll........ missing school???

yea. tomorrow i guess the test result will be out? :D
who cares! teacher said failing for 1st test is COOL. HAHAHA. i love her. :))
she's cool. LOL. so yea.. i cant wait for school.

sher came back from korea. :D haha!
you are so lucky! next time i shall hide in your suitcase! :DD
:)) they have teddy bear museum in KOREA!!! :(( i wanna gooooooooo..
haha! welcome back Sher. *hugsss

im a weirdo. :)
its better to slack at home. HAHAHA. :)
seee! im really a weirdo! LOL.

i miss MOMMY!! :(( hurry come back! we eat spagatiiii!! :D meat cream sauce? LOL

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