Sunday, April 6, 2008

;// SFC pwns. :D

once a franciscan always one? HAHA. its in the blood. my mom was one. LOL
so anyways. i didny had the time to blog yesterday.. cause i was chatting with WUMAN. :)
HAHA. and btw, WUMAN don't you ever prank me again. even if its still april. HAHA.
so yea! SFC won! weeeee...

and im addicted to the LOW song. :) i guess its ending soon.
:) now w-inds is kicking in! lol. so is my mom's 60`s music. :) they are not that boring afterall!
HAHAHA. :D i had fun in Bakat interact. but i forgot to record the dance! rawr!

ahh! guess what! i got received the Japan exchange thingy info's. :)
she's coming here! yay! during August. :D now i have to reply her in japanese. gahh..
what if i wrote weird? omg. im so nervous. :( i have to finish the letter by tomorrow. aaaa!
but really! im looking forward to this! :D

so yea. King of Brain was finally on today. with Min.Hyuk.Teuk in it. HAHA
how can i miss it? they are such dorkssss! :))
and i played badminton with my bro. FINALLY! after like.. months ago..haha
and mom made awesome sarawak laksa. yummmmmmm. ;)
Ymeltingpot here i come. once i quit my lazyness and finally upload those pics to the PC. HAHA

gahhh. sj*fh is offline now. :( awfully bad.. i miss it already! LOL.
hahaa.. nothing to do!

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