Friday, April 4, 2008

:// Reporting Live from 4ST. :D

"this is wan. reporting live okayyyy. not live anymore. :D but! from 4ST. our very own mental asylum. :P "

according to the quote above. you have to expect something weird and funny. :D HAHA.
so if you think im WEIRD! i am. :)) * let's turn back time and see what happened today huh? :)
*Tiara's WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ more adventure!

so this morning. :) as usual, got up. and ready for another fun day. :)
guess what! right when i wanted to wear my shoe.. there was MILLIONS. NO. GAZILLION ANTS?! crawling out. eeeeeee.. i dont really know what happen during last night in the store room.. :( mayb the ants had a party in my shoe? and had alot. ALOT of babies. eggs.
wait. is that a bad sign or something? ohh well.. so yea. i was gonna be late.. at least i think i was...


:) school. aaaa~ we have MAK rehersal.. which was boring. HAHA. but the smiley face papers were cute. LOL. the teachers were holding them to remind the performers to SMILE! :)
so yea. after the Drama and my part in the whole thingy...

:) of cos! back to mental asylum? HAHA my classs.. and guss what i saw once i step foot in it? Wei and nini was dancing.. actually jumping don't don. :D and wei turn into CICAK WUMAN sticking herself at the white board.. zzzz. i told you we're not normal. :)
so yea... while wei and nini turned into cicak wuuumannn.. Ged's table was singing? :D HAHA.
not just any singing.. hmmm.. how to describe... more to having fun. :)

so yea.. :) like usual. we joined in the MADNESSS! :)
there i start holding up the marker. and * its MY MIC! :D reminds you of SJ's fullhouse? :)
so yea. reporting live. i was talking like crazy. and LAUGH LIKE A MANIAC!!
Ged was dancing.. *BUAAHHAHHAHAHAHA! thinking about it makes me falls of the chair!
and start singing again. from the tamparuli bridge song.. to.. Merry Christmas. and CNY.
and indian song. and malay. and anything thet flew in their brain! i was laughing until stomach pain. LOL. :))

so actually we calmed down. :D and we start our own singing in our table..
so noisy! the whole class was going crazy! HAHA. :))
"neeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wheeeereeeeee everrrrrrrrrrr youuuu areee? " HAHAHAHA. and Ftisland's Lovepain. TVXQ's hug. weee! we really got crazy.
like we call it. we have our very own mental asylum in school. :)

:) and btw. that's all for the news about 4ST. tuned in for the next chaotic scene. :)
though i wouldn't call that chaotic. :) its funny. and i love school because the awesome people in 4ST.

*oohhh! i wanna say Thank you to canteen uncle the the free drinks for the week. and free re-fills. :))

have an awesome birthday with the boys.. and recover soon. :))

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