Wednesday, April 23, 2008

;// Time changes. seasons change

goosh.. my bloggie is seriously on hiatus huh?
been such a lazy bug to write. or issit just me too busy to on my PC..
well, both are just excuses. lol. :) there's a mid-term exam coming.. and im trying my best to study.. but before that! i have to finish up my homeworks!

goosh.. my fingers are in pain. lol. write too much.. -_-''
so... we went to Asia City today for our drama rehersal. which was actually not needed if you're asking me.. but since there's the super cute puppy there! HAHA. who cares! :)
it wasn't that bad anyway.. well, crossing out the fact that nobody understand english there! LOL. atleast i think they dont?


ohhh! Rhino came today. :) its been.. like 4 years? HAHA. :D
dude! you changed alot.. ALOT. and please eat more. lol. you're TOO SKINNY! :X
its great to meet back old friends. :) hahaha! we should talk more when i get my energy back.


so thats pretty much it. :X
ohh! and finally i finished my homeworks. and im not writing anything or holding a pen/pencil anytime until my hand won't hurt anymore! rawr! :D

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