Thursday, May 1, 2008

;// nya nya nyahhh

ohhh! its been alnmost a week plus since i've blogged.
im getting lazy!! how bad is that! lol. :X

i'll sumarize the week? HAAHAA

so yea.. nini and leewei got into a fight.. -_-'' i don't really wanna talk about that!
because it was all a prank that made me worried like crazy! i didn't had the mood to study because of that.
so forget it.

well, guess what! we didn't have drama practice AGAIN! i shall make that more clear! AGAIN!
since the wonderful mannsss came to check on our school for the SO-CALLED award. which.. i don't really..
REALLY DON'T care. and well, i had fun during the man's visit. we crawled behind the class. HAHAHA.
well, i manage to reach the other side beofore the man reach the class. funny part was see-ing everyone crawling! buahahaha!. :)

no drama practice.. you know what.. i have a GIANT feeling that..
our actressssssssss aren't ready yet. well, yea. it like almost a few more days to rehersal. and..
does everyone remember their lines???! well, i don't care anymore! im studying full time for my exam. and
i'll just try my best to pass. :)


there was a dead man in the drain yesterday. somewhere near our school.
so anyways. it turns out that everything we've heard in school was just stupid rumours.
stabbed. 2 bodies. 30 year old man. and ect!

it's was the LIGHTING STRIKE all along! -__-''
so.. i'm not believing any more rumours that spread in school!

ohh! and happy labour day.
i'll try my best to blog more often. EXAMS is soo KILLING ME!
*chews on books!

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