Saturday, May 3, 2008

;// Fundamental Loop

todays blog is featuring.. XD

FLAME - fundamental loop

i can feel my jpop love! HAHA. :)
fundamental loop is like a super super old fav song since like primary 6!
F generation! where are you!? lol. :D

its a saturday. and i didnt study one bit. LOL
its the mood. :( and im tired. so yesh. no study. just sitting around reminising all the jpop songs i've been loving since primary 6. wah.. now that i look at it...

o__o im in love with w-inds since their debut! HAHA cool! 7 years?
i knew LEAD.V6.ARASHI.EXILE.FLAME since a long time ago.
and i never did noticed that till today..


and i want to thank the songs i've been listening these days. HAHA.
im getting rid of my lazy-ness of drawing! :) LOL.


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