Saturday, May 3, 2008

;// EXTRA! EXTRA! Get your yearbooks!? :X

ohh! its the time where the Franciscan is out! :D
its a great honour to see it first! among the students. LOL. yea right!
this year.. i'm a SRM junior.. who is still under.. -what you call it?? i sudenly forgot the word! -
aishh. nvm. :) the point is i get to pass the yearbooks out to the students.

Hazel, Gwen, Shazz, and me are holding form 3 peoples yearbook. HAHA.
ohh! and with help from fion and Wei. :)) thankk you help me carry those heavy things!
so anyways..

*the yearbook still GLOWS btw. lol.
haha. me and shazz was screaming " omg! omg! omg! this year yearbook is PREEETTYYYY! "
and we were so excited we even forgot to count how many books we need to get to give them out! BUAHAHA. *45 X 4 = 180? is definately NOT a light amount. even for 40 books one bag!


3dynamic. *check.
waits for the longst wait ever.. the teacher wants to teach. :) means my sister's class go last! LOL
3creative. " hey! they are actually quiet. " * imagines our year... omg... -_-
3progresive. wth. even more quite!
we're back for 3effective. SAVAGES i tell you!
lol. its really funny. i walked up the stairs and already i can see people dragging gwen in!
and to the teachers table. half of the class was surrounding the table. omg.
* poor gwen. lol. i tried squeezing in. ended up.. i cant get out! in the SAUNA!

so yea. it was science next i guess. he came in. DANGG!
its torture i tell you! lee wei wouldn't stop teasing. :( WHY?!
its because i said the teacher was cute! he's new and he's cute. :X THAT'S ALL!!!!!
and i kinda pity him. :( everyone in my sis class seems to bully him. LOL
according to my sis.

wth! NOOO. i'll cross that out!

*end of yearbook talk. i missed chapter 5 for maths.
ohh! and i bet jie wanna see the yearbook? my drawing is there! LOL. :)

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