Saturday, May 10, 2008


honey dews are love! uahaha. i love the sweetness of the melon. :D
its really refreshing! taste like paradise. lol. :)
i ate alot. today.. gaining weight. :X

goosh.. i didnt study again. aigoo.. nvm larh..
i'll start OT-ing after drama. :( wish me luck. LOL.

i spend the whole day making the mass convo thingy neat. since 2pm - now. which is 9pm soon.
and its only 1/4 of the whole convo. o__o its really amazing how 8 people's brain can type out.
HAHAHA. :) i hope i get it done by today.. so tired.. = =''

super damn long. LOL.
but i had fun reading it back! HAHAHA. mannn we are WEIRD. LOL


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