Sunday, May 11, 2008

:// MOMMY's day. :)

Happy mother's day!

mommy! :) happy mother's day.
i know mabe sometimes you'll be reading this..


well, my graphic didn't came in time. cause i havent got the time to make it. :(
im sorry.. but i have some long long msg to say.. :)
though there was no suprise yesterday.. and i know you're sad? :(
but we won 2nd for drama.. and it's all for you!!!


dear mommy,
thank you for all you have done for us. i really really do apreciate the stuffs you have done.
the cooking. the presents. the helps you give everything we called for you..
your the most awesome person on earth! :)

a mother can have a million daughters, but a daughter can only have one mother..
and as for me.. i'm thankful to have such a great mommy that is you.. :D


love wan.

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