Wednesday, May 7, 2008


i shall ediit later.
:DD cuteeeeeee!


Monokurobu! are cute aren't they? HAHA. the black and white piggies! wee..
:) Cassey gave me a white pin thingy today. lol. because i was being silly with the monokurobu watch stuffs. HAHA. its the white kurobu.. :) where's the black one?!

hahaha. CUTEEEEEEEEE larh! :DD
okayyy.. enough spazzing. :) because its really nonsense above.

so as usually. we pretty much slacking science slack through the whole study thingys.
speacial sacrifice for the DRAMA team! because the drama competition is only a few days away!
but it seems that the main actressss aren't doing much of their best to act the best they could.
so instead.. the props member studied physic! *excluding me.. i was doing woodwork. :X

ohhh.. btw. there's scouts again.
we played TREASURE HUNT again. i wouldn't call it treasure hunt.
whats that word again? :X who cares. we played games. which includes running...
and standing beside the road doing the scouts hand thingy. LOL. mannn the pilaks sucks!
i dont even think they understand english! HAHAHA. that's why they suck!

thats pretty much about it. :)
ohh.. and back to STUDY! :O i better finish chapter 2 for physic or i won be ready for exam.
there's lots to study yet so little time.. :(

ps. people who wears MONOKUROBU watches are SUPER CUTE! :DDD

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