Tuesday, May 6, 2008

;// The law of PHYSIC.

yesh. teacher added more chapters for physic. :(
guess i'll be reading more? ohh well. :) its great learning. lol.
but i got some knowledge in.. just hope it stays though.
MORE learning and understand tomorrow!

me and yan couldn't stop talking during study time. :X
HAHA. i loveee talking to her! because she knows everything! lol.
and yea.. schools stuffs..


i learn some Malay too! :)
tabik. LOL. shazz is good teacher. lol. mommy too! LOL.
so short right? yea.. i think so too. lol. i miss my CLASS! i hardly go in anymore!
fion.nat.nini.ged. goosh! i need some weirdness!!

uahahahaha! :DD
*sudenly though of something really cute! :X

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