Wednesday, May 21, 2008

;// Sailormoon! :D

nyahahah! okayy. i know i have Malay paper II and English tomorrow!
but i cant resist to blog. lol. :D


*sings happy birthday. lol

i guess May is a birthday month too! lol. :X who's next?
i've been missing alot of people's birthdays.. -__-

okayy.. school is full with dorkness again! nyahahah! i love you people! I DO! :)
so today topic was anime i think. :D and yesh. not the latest anime. but the oldest we can think of...

pokemon gotta catch em all.. POKEMON. :)
Sailormoon! omg! i love sailormoon! hahahahahaha!
and Akazuki Cha Cha. in cartoon network when i was 5! can you imagine that! :D

i'm an anime freak since 5! lol. :D

so Gwen forced us to pick a character from any anime. nyahaha.
the 1st thing pop in was CHIBIMOON. LOL! and Grazele never knew Chibimoon was from the future! hahaha. she thought it was Sailormoon's sister. lol. there's another little girl. :D
but i never watch until there. hahaha. maybe i should watch sailormoon again. lol.

:X and LeeWei starts the gay-ness with Kazuki from Get Backers.
hahaha. so yea. prettyy much chaotic. :D but funny oso.

ohhh! my brother's kuntum book is here! :X *its a magazine for little kids.
and HAHAHAH! there's one page i read very cute! :) i'll write it tomorrow. lol.

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