Thursday, May 22, 2008

:// Pencil breakdown. :X

i NEED NEW PENCILS. lol. :) i do!
i broke so many leads during my essay exams today. lol. :X
Malay and English! no more objective questions.. mann i miss shooting.. T___T
so yea.. i write broke 3 pencils. LOL. dont even know how mant leads i used already. HAHA.
times when my pencil sudenly stuck. i just grabs sarah's or wei's pencils. LOL. HAHA
i can remember it now. so funny. -_-''

after 2weeks holidays. i bet more leads sure break. lol
i think the lead is gonna finish before the exam even ends. LOL
1 paper i used like 4 leads. HAHA. can see how much i hate exams and how nervous i am huh?

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