Friday, May 23, 2008

;// Why Today?! T_T

ahhhh! so sad... huhuh. my fav leng zai teacher gonna leave school.
i think he's going back to school and work on his engineer future! lol. :D
but.. but.. i haven't say byee bye. :( and have last day kokum playing basketball with him..
yanie said today was his last day.. T____T noooo~
*i think i know why i saw him in my dream last night. -_-'' and jaygay and jie. LOL.

huhuh.. no more stalking him everyday le. lol. :X HAHA
pssst.. if you're wondering. HE's CUTE!! hahhahaha. :) and definately the cutest among the male teachers. LOL. :DD nyahahha. he came to replace teacher Cecilia only. :( gonna miss him..
we havent even celebrate teacher's day yet! he better come back on that day!


Well, other than the sad thing before the holiday. :X
there's of cos my dork-gang! I SERIOUS ABOUT THE MENTAL ASYLUM thing! :D
we even have a sign to proof it now. hahahaha!

so yea. today is last day of the semester.. :( awww
need gambatte for second semester loh. must get better result. if not i don't have time to die in SPM. hahaha. :) last day of semester. there's always classes that wont be having a 100% attendance. one of the classes is my class, the mental asylum. 50% didn't come?

so yea.. let me guess. there's a camp today. so i guess they didn't come because prepare for camp? which is AT 3pm?! nonono! BAD REASON! rawr! the people who didn't came today is gonna regret! nyahahahah! and Tia&Ryu. you so bad didn't tell Joy u both not coming. she made mee for u both! then u didn't came.. nyahh! it was yummy. :P we ate them! blek blek!

after recess, everyone went high. LOL. i was sleeping. haha! too bored mahh..
we had our very own AMERICA's NEXT TOP MODEL show. :) and AMERICAN IDOL? lol
mannn! i laugh until want to cry liao. haha. i was actually sleeping.. then i hear many woohoo`ss.
wake up. 1st thing i see, Grazele. Ameera doing catwalk? LOL

yesh! yesh! runway models. lol. and they did a parody for the elimination time. BUAHAHA!
i couldn't stop laughing! :D Ameera is good! as Tyra! her way of talking SAME! hahahah! so funny!!! :D so pro. lol. then after that! we do our own funnt edition of AMERICAN IDOL. :X
i say funny is means VERY funny. lol.

Chyna as MC. i never really watch american idol before. sooo! i dunno the names! lol
i know one dude was randy and simon? since Joy do parody for the Simon and Lys as Randy?
i dunno what was Gwen. the woman? HAHA. who cares! yea. Wei,Nini,Grazele,Ameera as the singing people! omg! so random! i wake up and i get a whole day pf laughing because of the wonderful dorks i have. HAHAHA. :DDD

call 11111111111113 to vote for who? i don't know. :X lol.
yesh! its a great day today. apart from the bye bye Chin. T___T

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